SAPT​A (Swiss Association

of Physical Theater Actors)

was founded in 2011 by five graduates of international performing arts schools.
A group with a global background, our members have trained all over the world – from Hungary and Switzerland to England, Germany, Belgium and Ukraine.

We are provoked to twist and twirl the parameters of 'reality' until that reality spins and twists us! This is our research field - leading us to the limit of reality and to the space where we investigate, experiment and dare to redefine. Revealing a world that lies beyond our transient reality, an outlandish world, rooted in fantastical, metaphorical realms.

Our work is devised. Our process is collaborative: a journey of discovery and development that celebrates the fusion of different forms of artistic expression. The quest for the poetic body– the energy and dynamics that lie beyond the visible and concrete - is as important as interdisciplinary work including literature, science and audiovisual technologies.





Daniela Bitzi (born in 1982 in Hitzkirch, Switzerland) member of ‘Theater Bagasch’ in 2006/07. She graduated from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) in 2009. Trained the method of Jaques Lecoq she is now working as an actress, pedagogue and mask maker. She is co-founder of the international company ‚Clowns at Work’ with whom she devised the platform piece Superman the Show (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK) and Macabaret (Camden Fringe Festival, UK). She performed as Master of Ceremony at the Royal Opera House production park opening in Purfleet, an interactive art installation by Tony Hornecker and in Yarit Dor’s Chairmania at Battersea Arts Centre, UK. www.danielabitzi.blogspot.com


Till Burkart (born in 1983 in Baden, Switzerland) after his polygraph apprenticeship, worked as layout designer for various magazines. In 2008 he moved to Brussels where he trained as physical theater actor at the «École Internationale de Théâtre Lassaâd» under Lassaâd Saïdi, Norman Taylor, Dong Van Hung and Bernhard Massuir. He has performed with ‚400 ASA’ in La Ceremonie (Theaterspektakel Zürich), in Parsifal (Opernhaus Zürich) and appeared in Surprise Limited (Gessnerallee, Zürich). He is founder of the clown duo ‚Korky & Popette’ and delivers improvisation workshops for teenagers and adults. He is currently working on his solo piece Der böse Wolf which combines movement, voice and music.


Nadine-Sara Lüthi (born in 1987 Langnau i.E, Switzerland) graduated as physical theatre actress from the Comart Zürich in 2009. She appeared in Salome Schneebeli’s Ich dich auch as well as in Anne-Sophie Fenner’s Research Project and assisted Ursula Berger’s chilren’s theater Gespenster am Fenster. She is co-founder and writes and acts for the Kasperle Theater Aubergine. She is also co-founder of the perfomance group Bloody Mermaids, a supporting act of Trashy Lullabies (Gurten Festival Bern) and has featured in several videos. She has played Wenn nicht, dann sonst with Stand Ende Mai (Kellertheater in Langnau i.E). She studied sign language at the University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education (HFH) and assisted as sign language coach in Joshua Monten’s production About Strange Lands and People. Nadine also works as a clown in the old people’s home Dahlia, Langnau i.E.

Péter Tészás (born in 1977 in Pécs, Hungary), graduated from the University of Pécs with master’s degrees in both media and communication and educational and cultural management. During his studies he worked as program director and technical supervisor for Radio Publikum. In 2001 he moved to Budapest, where he hosted the radio-show Mana Mana for Radio Tilos. As co-founder of Manamana Productions he worked on numerous concerts and music events with national and international artists. Between 2005 and 2008, together with Labor collective, he organized concerts, performances, workshops and exhibitions in Pécs. Péter’s passion for music brought him to the UK where he is a signed producer at Ysikhop Music Recordings (London) an organizer and promoter for Ysikhop Productions. He has trained on a number of short courses at the London International School of Performing Arts. Since 2012 he has been the musical director at DI.fm Radio’s ‘Cosmic Downtempo’ channel and alias Chikorkez, is currently working on his debut ambient album. di.fm/play/cosmicdowntempo

Costume: Anomalia, Socks No Legs

Sabine Pfisterer (born in 1977 in Dresden, Germany) graduated with bachelor’s degree in Stage and Costume Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden and with master’s degree in Costume Design at the Berlin Weissensee School of Arts. She assisted at the Schaubühne Berlin, Freiburger Theater, Luzerner Theater and Deutsche Oper Berlin. After an internship in production design for Andreas Dresens cinema movie Willenbrock, she equipped various short films, some of which have received prestigious prices and international awards. Her works were shown in the Admiralspalast in Berlin, Opernfestival Gut in Immling, Theaterlabor in Darmstadt, Lofft in Leipzig, Societätstheater in Dresden, Centre Pompidou in Paris, IFA Galerie in Stuttgart and Berlin as well as in the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy. Since 2011 she collaborates on a regular bases with the internationally well-known performer Nikhil Chopra.


Director: Socks No Legs

Ágnes Domonkos (born 1979 in Veszprém, Hungary) is an actress, director and drama teacher. She graduated with master’s degree in psychology from the ELTE University of Human Sciences in Budapest. After her studies she attended the Escuela de Mimo, Barcelona (E), Performers House, Silkeborg (DK) Moving Academy for Performing Arts MAPA, Amsterdam (NL) and completed a postgraduate programme in Physical Theater at the London International School of Performing Arts LISPA. Co-founder and performer of the international theater group Relax Your Face. Currently she is the artistic director of Mobile Teater Laboratory in Budapest, performer and dramaturge at Street Theater Creative Community in Budapest and co-operates in intercultural projects with Equinoxe.

Video/Projection: Socks No Legs

Mykola Bondarchuk (born in 1977 in Kiev, Ukraine) is a performing artist, TV and Cinema Director. He studied Cinema and Television at the Kiev State University of Theater and completed with master’s degree. Further acting training at Theater Black Square Kiev and in visual arts at the Moving Academy for Performing Arts MAPA where he graduated with master’s degree. He participated in various independent theatre projects as performer, play writer and visual artist (video/photo projection). He participated as creator and performer in the project „Backwards”, Kiev/Budapest, and collaborates with Mobil Teater Labor, Budapest. He performed in Dah Theater Kiev, is currently TV director at „Hromada TV Budapest” at Ukrainian Cultural Institute and is acting for the Russian Theatre in Budapest.

Play: Socks no Legs

Claudia Brunner (1984 in Samedan GR geboren), tätige Pflegefachfrau, bildete sich 2013 an der Stage Art Musical & Theatre School in Adliswil ZH zur diplomierten Schauspielerin aus. Zu sehen war sie in verschiedenen Bühnenprojekten im Raum Zürich. Zuletzt als Roasalia Capulet und Apothekerin in Romeo und Julia (Regie Krejči Kamil, Freilichtproduktion Turbinen Theater Shilwald). Ebenfalls engagierte sie sich in der semiprofessionellen Theatergruppe Estrichtheater, mit der sie in den Rollen der Chava Fiddler on the roof und dem Stubenmädchen My fair lady (Regie Susanne Zürrer, Bernhardtheater bzw Theater Maiers Zürich) aufführte. Die musikalische Erzählung der Geschichte Peter und der Wolf in der Rolle des Peters (Regie Benjamin Fröhlich, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Akademischen Kammer Orchester Zürich) gehört ebenso zu ihrer Bühnenerfahrung.Zeitweise kombiniert Claudia Brunner ihre Fähigkeiten in Gesang, Klavierspiel, Tanz und Lyrik zu Eigeninszenierungen, die an Hochzeiten, Musikkonzerten, Privatanlässen und Altersheimen Anklang finden. Ihre Erfahrung in der Stimmbildung gibt sie in Einzelstunden an interessierte Bühnen- und Lebenskünstlern weiter.

Play: Anomalia ; Light: Socks No Legs

Silvana Castelberg (born in 1983 in Zürich) graduated from the physical theater school Comart in Zürich in 2004. Since then she performed in various formations as actress and technician (light/sound). From 2005-2010 she was a member of the duo Crème Brûlée, with whom she devised short pieces and toured with their production ... at your service! throughout Switzerland. In 2007 she was awarded the Culture Prize of the Canton of Graubünden. In 2010 she created in collaboration with the Nepalese theater group Shelpee the piece Ke yarn?/What to do?, which premiere was celebrated in Kathmandu. Also played various roles in the comedy sketch show Twist of the Swiss Radio and Television SRF under the direction of Peter Luisi and Patrick Karpiczenko.

Scenography: Socks No Legs

Nikoletta Szedenics (born in 1980 in Sopron, Hungary) is a visual artist, set and costume designer. She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2009. She has collaboratively written, designed and performed a multi-media piece based on The Shape of Things & Learning Outcomes of Art colleges. This piece was selected and taken to a conference organised for theatre design teachers in 2009, where the main subject was changing assessment criteria. Between 2010-2012, she worked as costume designer for Canadian and American films including She Gabriele Binder’s In the land of Blood and Honey 2006, directed by Angelina Jolie and TV series World Without End, 2012. Further studies in Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance course organised by the California Institute of Arts in 2013.


Outside-eye: Socks no Legs

Roz Hilton (born in 1980 in Stirling, Scotland) studied devising and collaboration at the prestigious Dartington College; and went on to specialise in interactive and immersive work – bringing her own playful innovation into Installations, Puppetry, Storytelling, Stand-up Poetry, and Experimental Theatre. Before joining SAPTA Theater she worked in many different performance and alternative-theatre contexts, and has performed/ directed /crewed, for companies such as; Oddessy Works (Sanfransico), Antennae Theater (London), AngelHeart Theatre (touring, UK), and Wondermentalist Cabaret (Devon, UK), as well as creating the successful 2 woman show ‘For Our Sins’… During her career, Roz has also worked to bring expressive arts and creative imagination into Workshop, Party/Nightclub, Retreat and Children’s Play environments; and was also commissioned for an interventional piece in the 2008 Whitstable Contemporary Art Biennale 2008. Roz loves to dance and make-things, and is always working on the next project… She is a published illustrator and a self-published poet; with 2 new books in the pipeline.

Scenography: Anomalia

Silvia Burgermeister (born 1968 in Zürich) works as a freelance szenographer. In 2002 she graduated with master in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. 2003/04 she assisted Doris Dziersk, Anna Viehbrock and Dirk Thiele and worked with Christoph Marthaler at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Since then she created for the Stadttheater Chur, Schlachthaus Bern und Lichthof-Theater Hamburg. For the opening of the Kleine Bühne of the Theater Basel in 2007 she designed the site-specific installation Chair. She lectured as guest docent at Zurich University of the Arts ZHDK. Together with Sascha Loren she created the site-specific video installation Zu Gast bei Musters Video. In her exhibition Unort 1, Weissgrund Kommunikation AG, and Unort 2, Oxyd Winerthur, photographies and objects of her works were shown in 2011.