Socks No Legs



„I am sometimes moved to wonder whether it may not be necessary to redefine the very concepts of „health“ and disease“, to see these in terms of the ability of the organism (...) rather than in the terms of a rigidly defined „norm“. (Oliver Sacks)


When Oliver Sacks looked at the issue of perception through the eyes of neurology, he succeeded in bringing the neurosciences to a wider audience. With his bestselling book; ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’; he revealed the people behind the patients with much ingenuity and warmness... SAPTA Theater tried on his perspective to create a delicately insane piece, in which the strange becomes evident.


The three main figures live in their own universe; sometimes barely larger than a footprint. This universe has its own logic, transforming reality into a completely different normality; a world of oddities where ticks are part of the everyday…

However, not everybody can get along in the absence of a standard, and so the ‘faceless manipulators’ from the realms of norm endanger the true selves of these three figures. Manipulated and misdirected the protagonists fight against the loss of their individuality. Step by step their behavioural-patterns are resolved and calibrated. If the three figures can’t retain their uniqueness, they risk falling off the edge of their world.



SAPTA leads the discussion on the topic of perception on an interdisciplinary level. The result is a visually powerful mixture of physical theater, and mask/object play. Body, scenography and objects are interwoven so skillfully that a visual aesthetic emerges, both poetic and surreal at the same time.


SAPTA’s second creation has been devised in collaboration with MObil TEater Labor from Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by Olvier Sacks’ case histories, SAPTA Theater unveil a mysterious world where the odd becomes usual, the strange becomes familiar, and the weird becomes ordinary…



Anomalia fuses Greek mythology with Science Fiction in an exploration of the early life of Zeus - the time before he became the warrior who fought against the Titans or the ‘father of gods and men,’ as described by the poets of ancient times.


The story takes place on the young gaseous planet EA. EA is home to the Süm, an invertebrate species with tentacles and boneless trunks that they use for echolocation. Cronos and Rhea are the last remaining two of their kind. Violently jealous of his power, Cronos devours his descendants in their embryonic state. One day Rhea catches Cronos feeding on his eggs and hides one. It is out of this egg that the mutated Süm Anomalia (Zeus) hatches. As he grows up, aided by the nymphs Maia and Ida, Anomalia learns about love, betrayal, aggression and his true self. But no Greek hero can escape his destiny and Anomalia grows up determined to change the course of the planet…

In order to achieve a cohesion of Scince-fiction and Greek mythology on stage, surreal masks and puppets as well outer space scenography are applied. Working with black light creates a mystical illusionary. The performance is a movement based show without text, supported by strong sound design and impressive visual elements.

Special Thanks to:

Patricia Flores - Dramaturgy + Play

Sabine Pfisterer - Costume Design + Props

Silvia Burgermeister - Stage Design
Iren Tanner - Costume Development

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Premiere: 4. – 6. August 2012 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (H) 

4. – 6. April 2013 Schweizer Premiere Bühne S, Zürich

12. – 14. April 2013 Schweizer Künstlerbörse, Thun

25. – 30. June 2013 Arena Festival, Erlangen (D)

6. – 11. August 2013 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (H)

26. – 28. September 2013 Tojo Theater, Bern

13. - 15. November 2013 Fabrikpalast, Aarau